Our firm can offer flat fee representation in most cases based on the specific facts of your case. These are only guidelines and your case may be more or less, depending upon your specific facts and case history.

Services are never compromised due to Flat Fee Representation.

While we will work expediently to resolve your dispute, we will never compromise speed for quality. Over the past 20 years we have developed a system that allows us to work smarter, not harder. We permit you, through our fully customized case management system, 24 hour access automated access to your client matter, including calendar, pleadings and updates on what your Lynch Law Team is doing on your behalf. This allows us to work more efficiently as a team to get your matter resolved so that you can move on beyond your dispute.


We always seek to recover legal fees in contested matters. While an award of legal fees is never guaranteed, based on the facts specific to your case, we will often seek an award for attorney’s fees in your case. Where attorney’s fees are awarded, after recovering any additional fees due the firm in your case, at the conclusion of your case, the balance of any award is provided to you to reimburse you for your out of pocket legal expenses paid previously to us.